Getting StartedThings to consider...

Choosing Your Plumber

  • If you are thinking of installing a new bathroom suite you should make sure that you contact at least three reputable companies who have good reviews from genuine customers.  You may want to consider selecting about five plumbers / installers because they are not all likely to respond or provide the written quote.  If you want to fit a new designer range bathroom suite make sure you select a company who have the competence to carry out such an installation.

Don’t do business with anyone who does not give you a written quotation with a good breakdown of the works and associated costs.

  • If you end up with three to five quotes check the details and make use of a phone call to check over some of the info but also to see how contactable they are.  If you have problems getting in touch at this stage you need to proceed with caution as this could be an indication of how things will be at a later stage.

  • Go with your gut feel but also with the information and price factors. Cheapest is not always best and the most expensive is equally not necessarily an indication that you will get the best job.  Prices could vary depending on the type of company i.e. a one man band will not have all the cost commitments of a large company so may well be a lot cheaper. It is a good idea to choose companies who are similar in profile.

  • Get advice from each expert about the ideas you have to check so that your design ideas are practical. 

  • Try to use a company who can undertake the entire task in your bathroom makeover, as this will minimise delays or confusion in terms of who is responsible for each aspect of the work.

  • Be prepared to give a deposit somewhere around 20 to 50% with the balance on successful completion of the works.  Don’t pay deposits in cash if possible as you have no proof of the transaction.  Check and double check the payment plan / process as this may differ from company to company.

  • If you are purchasing your own designer bathroom fixtures and fittings you should chose carefully and make sure all your items are available and onsite before the installation date.  You should always check the items before the delivery driver leaves or at least sign as unchecked.  Bear in mind the there is a vast array of different quality bathrooms suites / fixtures and fittings, cheap is not always best and some products can be very poor quality and may even cost you money if major issues are found by your fitters.